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How does it work?

Client Consultation

Before we can help, we need to know what kind of help your need. By contacting us and having a free initial consultation we can determine 3 things. Whats your current credit score? How difficult are your derogatories to remove? How long it will take? We are here to help you get the score you should have. Lets get started together.

Legal due Process

The credit card companies would like you to believe you are at their mercy! The truth is you have rights and we are here to help enforce your right to good credit. After your initial consultation you will know exactly what is available to you for improving your credit. We know the process and together we can get you results too.

Support and Review

Your case goes through monthly reviews so that the best action forward is always under way. Along that process as issues and questions arise our support staff is here to answer you questions and keep the process moving. Our automated proprietary tracking system maintains a steady workflow so you can expect the fastest results.

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"Financial success, as well as most success in life, is not about perfection, it's about direction"

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