Credit Repair facts

Questions and Concerns about Credit Repair

Here are answers to questions that new clients sometimes ask us.

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How does MyCreditRepairUSA assist in credit repair?

First, we get your credit reports from all three credit bureaus. We then start the first round of dispute letters to each credit bureau that you have a negative discredit on.Some discredits may not be recognized by all credit bureaus. The ones that are recognized are the ones we generate a letter to.We can send up to 5 letters per credit bureau within a 30 day period. If we send more than 5 letters per month to a bureau your name could be flagged. The Creditor or the Credit bureau will then check on your dispute letter we sent out to see if it’s an accurate argument. If it is an accurate argument they correct it on your credit reports. If it is not an accurate argument and they prove the negative discredit then the discredit remains negative on your credit score. The creditor or the credit bureau will send you a letter explaining why the negative discredit will stay on your credit score or why the negative discredit will be removed from your report.Send all mail from creditor or credit bureau straight to us as soon as possible. When we receive the letter if need be we will start the next dispute process.

About how long does it take MyCreditRepairUSA to repair my credit?

Every client is different. You may see a better report within 45 days or it may take up to 6 months. We will try to get you a better score as soon as possible to get you on your way to that new car or the purchase of your new home.

How do I know the updates on my credit?

Every Client of ours is given a user name and password so that you may log in to our website at anytime and see what we are doing and what progress your score has made.

How to get started repairing my credit with MyCreditRepairUSA?

All you need to do is call our office at +1 (844) 296-6010 and one of our friendly staff members will sign you up. All we need is some personal information from you to start your MY CREDIT REPAIR USA profile.

Do you offer a couples discount?

We do offer a couples package. You both just pay the start-up fee and you will have a joint rate.

Why is credit repair important?

You need good credit for any big purchase you have coming in the future to purchase a new home, buy the car of your dreams or get a loan.

What if all my negative items are accurate?

The negative items may be accurate but certain things can only stay on your credit report for a certain amount of time. There are other ways around an accurate item. That is what My Credit Repair USA is here to help you with.

Do you share our personal information with anyone?

No, all personal information you give to us is completely confidential.

Give us a call at MyCreditRepairUSA +1 (844) 296-6010.