Credit Repair facts

What if I decide not to use credit repair?

Bad Credit Gets You Bad Deals, So Why Wait?

In this high-speed world . . . bad credit gets you nowhere, fast! You could try waiting seven years or more and maybe some bad marks will go away and hopefully your credit scores will gradually improve BUT, at MyCreditRepairUSA, we feel you deserve better than that and you shouldn’t have to wait seven years! We are here to help speed up that process and get you back on track with better credit scores that can make your life more manageable!

Bring Your Credit Scores Up – Just Good Financial Sense

It makes good financial sense to bring your credit scores up. To do otherwise is wasting your hard earned cash. Just imagine, if you can’t qualify for a mortgage, you’ll be stuck paying higher monthly payments for rent than you would if you had your own house payment. By renting, you are building someone else’s equity and improving their credit score! Do you really want someone else to be stashing your hard earned cash, while you are left holding the bag?

Bad Credit, Poor Credit History Means High Interest Rates.

Then what if you do qualify for a mortgage, but because of low credit scores, you can only qualify for a high interest loan. You’ll be paying more interest every month, which is not only taking money out of your pocket, but those months add up over the years . . . up to many thousands of dollars over the life of your loan. With poor credit, even if you can get an auto loan, you can look forward to high interest causing you to pay more per month for your used clunker than the guy zooming past you in his brand new Mercedes.

Why should your car payment for your average car be twice as much as what that other guy is paying for his luxury car? That just does not seem fair by any stretch of the imagination but that is exactly what is happening.

Sometimes even job applications are turned down because of less than perfect credit.

You can be turned down from virtually any place that requires good credit . . . jewelry stores, furniture stores, electronics stores, phone companies, cable companies, department stores, and… the list is endless. Bad credit doesn’t make you “the bad guy” but it sure can make you feel like one. These days everyone wants to project their best image so we go to great lengths to dress right, have a nice hairstyle, and live in a good neighborhood . . . But when you look in the mirror, do you see a BAD CREDIT SCORE staring back at you?

We know that most often those numbers don’t really reflect the true person you are and all of us here at MYCREDITREPAIRUSA want to help you be the person you are intended to be!


What if you decide Not to Use Credit Repair?

While you’re waiting for enough of those years to go by, keep in mind that those nagging seven years can start all over again every time a payment is late or an account is written off.

Make a commitment to yourself to be a wise and savvy shopper as well as a good custodian of the credit you do have.

Never “bite off more than you can chew.” Don’t back yourself into a corner with more payments than you have income for. And acknowledge the difference between needs and wants and keep those lists separate!
Make sure you have plenty of money for those necessary things . . . food, clothing, and shelter and learn to wait for those things in the “want” column.

Be a Wise Money and Credit Manager

It is noticeably, as well as scientifically proven, more painful to spend actual cash than it is to whip out and slide a credit card, so try to pay cash for all your purchases. Be a friend to yourself and keep your shopping within your actual budget and don’t rely on that fantasy line of credit to make yourself appear to be richer than you are. Your most valuable asset is who you are and not what you have. Be a person of amazing integrity, honest, realistic, loyal, reliable, charitable, punctual.

Improved Credit Means A Better Life, Why Wait?

Improved credit and improved character qualities can’t be purchased for any amount of money OR credit. But with those character qualities in place, with or without credit repair, seven years from now your credit score will definitely be improved. But, seven years is a long time! Some of what is lowering your credit scores could easily be errors, false discredits, other people’s discredits, outdated discredits and false information.

If you don’t want to wait . . . and you are ready to stop those high interest rates now. Just give us a call at MyCreditRepairUSA +1 (844) 296-6010.