Who We Are


Co-founders Rachel and Sarah started out by improving their own credit score. After achieving their own fantastic improvements, they realized that they had the knack and the passion to get results. Next they decided to design the right custom process to deliver results to the growing requests for credit repair. My Credit Repair USA had matured and is ready to meet the demands of a growing clientèle.

My Credit Repair USA is a nationwide credit repair service
located at:2534 State Street San Diego CA 92101
We specializes in financial management, reputation management and credit repair.

We understand how quickly and easily bad credit can happen. It only takes a divorce, an unexpected lay-off, a medical emergency or co-signing for someone else’s loan. At the same time, we have personally met hard-working honest people who paid hard earned money to use other credit repair services with no results. They may seem legit, but we have the track record to prove it.